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Exciting news: Qwear is expanding!

Until now, Qwear has been run exclusively by volunteers supporting the website out of our own pockets.

In light of the new U.S. administration and the increase in discrimination and hate crimes against LGBTQIA+ populations, we have decided to expand our work to reach members of the community whose stories haven't yet been told.

Support us for as little as $1/month and be a part of history!

Smaller, monthly donations on Patreon helps us budget and plan our programming:

We know how vital it is for people to see this type of queer representation, and we want to create more content that actively challenges the mainstream's rules about who is valued.

Through the creation of consistent positive visual representation of queer expression, we aim to unify to LGBTQIA+ population and our allies in our fight for liberation. 

The queer fashion climate is rapidly changing. Our work will soon be viewed as one of the few historical documents of the styles and attitudes of our community during this pivotal era in queer history.

Your support helps with overhead costs including website hosting, photographer honoraria, and travel costs for events and photoshoots. 

We frequently turn down advertising offers which attempt to exploit our community. This means that we rely on community support to keep running and providing high quality content.

You can also make a one-time donation. This helps us too!

Thank you for your support! Together we will fight for LGBQIA+ liberation.

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